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Abram, Francie
Hartford City, IN 47348
I'm most comfortable working in oils and colored pencils... My "style" could be said to be traditional landscapes, florals, representational rather...I enjoy glazing, deep rich browns etc. Colors blending into distant trees water fields. I enjoy the process of painting as well as finding a fairly decent painting at the finish.
After high school..I attended John Herron Art Institute on a scholarship for two years. Married raised a family. Returned to the drawing board and easel after my children were grown....I remarried and with encouragement from my husband.began to paint again. Took classes at Fort Wayne Art School, attended workshops in the area. Painting and drawing at home was a wonderful experiance. Tho we moved often( my husband is a Methodist minister) I could always feel at home surrounded by my paint pots and drawing board. Entered several art shows in Angola area placing in several. One of the paintings was chosen for the cover of a Stueban County magazine.Am now a senior citizen and painting every day.
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It would best to contact me directly. As a pastors wife our schedule is always "unruly"

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