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Baker, Victoria
Odon, IN 47562
As a child I never questioned what I would be when I grew up. When asked, I would reply, “An artist of course!” I have been in love with art since I was a small child and have always been known by friends and family as the “artistic” one. I have always had a knack for figuring out how to take an idea and make it a reality. I can work in just about any medium. I tend to primarily work as a painter with acrylic and watercolor. I love the fast drying quality of these paints because I tend to work very quickly. I am open to just about any type of subject matter and love to explore new territory as an artist. Lately due to my service in the United States Air Force, I have been creating many patriotic oriented works. Art is “my thing” and has always defined who I am. I enjoy any type of art-related activity and love taking on new endeavors and experimenting with new media.
In elementary school, I was placed in a special advanced art class that met once a week during the school day. In Junior High I won the American Federation of Teachers award for a sculpture at the Swope Art Gallery in Terre Haute, Indiana. I hold an Associate in Fine Arts from Vincennes University where I won many awards taking first place at every student art show while in attendance and several scholarships. Although I was offered a scholarship to that Kansas City Art Institute, I decided to attend the Art Academy of Cincinnati where I studied painting, printmaking and art history.
Services Offered
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Teach Art Form
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Commission Works
  • Doing demonstrations
  • Other
    I offer freelance work in just about any media. I primarily work as a mural artist and illustrator, but can utilize clay and wood very well.
I am available evenings and weekends. Please contact me to arrange an estimate.
Open for discussion.

Ref Id: 9186

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