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Baker, Judyth
Artist, Poet And Writer (View Portfolio)
Angola, IN 46703
I was born in South Bend, and was always been inspired by the beautiful farmlands, lakes, and forests where my family lived and lives. I travel through Europe, primarily, painting commissioned and donated works on the behalf of individuals, hospitals, corporations, etc. Visit my official websites to view works for sale.
My uncle Harold was a professional artist. My grandmother was also a professional artist. I have a degree in cultural anthropology, an M.A. in English and inguistics, and and ABD/PhD in 18th century English Literature, but early on was working for Steck-Vaughn Publishers as an artist. Next came Texas oil companies & millionaires (Exxon, ARCO,Chevron), commissioned wortk for Houston banks, The City of Houston, Neiman Marcus,Houston Heritage Society, etc. I have had one-man shows and exhibitions, incl. at Albert Thomas Hall and overseas.
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    Artist's retreat: my agent owns three properties in a rugged region in Sweden, where mature artists with excellent character references can work up to 8 weeks in the summer under my mentorship (or on their own) at reasonable costs, enjoying magnificent landscapes, friendly people, and clean air and water. Must bring along all art materials, but will get help stretching canvas. Small family OK.
This is an opportunity for a mature artist who would like fresh inspiration. Must have health insurance. Contact via email. My agent in the US will help with arrangements. Background check paid for by applicant.
The retreats vary in cost from $150-$300/week per person, depending on length of stay (1 wk ,or as many as 8). Passport costs, round trip plane tickets (it's the law), and transportation to and from the retreats are the responsibility of the artist. Inexpensive bus and train lines provide transport from Stockholm to the retreats. Food purchases can be made locally.
Acrylic with pen-and-ink. Owned by client in Washington, DC.
Houston Heritage Park, 1912 view. Pen-and-ink, a few limited edition lithographs by artist still available. Created for the Houston Heritage Society in 1981.
"Helix" Classic oils. Painted in 2008, will be for sale at the end of 2009. No dryers, careful attention to chemical reactions, for oil paintings that stay fresh and pristine "forever."
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