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* Hignite, Eileen

P.O. BOX 143
Lizton, IN 46149
weensdreams@embarqma ... ...
Our business name is Weens Dreams. I am a self-taught glass and silversmith artist with my private studio located in central Indiana just west of Indianapolis. I love all things creative, always looking for new challenging ways to bring out my creativity in glass and metal. My husband & I sell our artistic items at local craft shows, festivals and Native American gatherings around the state.
Acton, Edith

6600 Heather Lane
Terre Haute, IN 47805
I create jewelry and wall hangings with fusible glass. My tools include glass cutters, glass saws, glass grinders, and a kiln. Due to considerable practice I am able to cut colored glass into shapes that I feel to be desirable for my intended piece and after assembly, the glass is placed into the kiln and fired to its fusible state. After sufficient cooling time it is removed from the kiln for its final stage. The last thing is to frame the wall hanging or to place the findings on the pieces chosen for jewelry.
Ade Hansen, Patricia

2442 South Wayne Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46807
http://PatHansenArt. ...
As Marc Chagall once said, "I work in whatever medium likes me at the moment." I have worked in oil painting, ceramics, fused glass, and lately, the exciting new medium of Precious Metal Clay. Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is pulverized silver, an organic binder, and water, which can be formed and manipulated like ceramic clay. Once fired in a kiln the binders burn away and the silver particles fuse together. The resulting object is .999 FINE silver. I have been combining PMC with fused dichroic glass or ceramics to make one of a kind jewelry (more)
Albertson, Jeannette

Bedford, IN 47421
jalbertson6@insightb ...
I enjoy working with any claylike medium, glass, tile, beads and paint. I love the Arts and Crafts period and folkart and I'm sure it has influenced my art. I love to throw pottery and I love art with function. I love to do art that makes you feel, be it the portrait of a loved one or a much loved home or pet.
Amis, Michael

Kokomo, IN 46901
I combine glass with materials such as wood, rubber, fur, carpet, metal, sponge, roofing singles and practically anything else he can get his hands on, he creates abstract hybrid constructions and compositions that mimic the real world. These compositions are often combined to create environments in which the viewer can become immersed. “There is so much of the world around us that we routinely shut off or filter out. I think it’s a self defense mechanism to avoid overload or total confusion. We cannot be aware of everything all of the (more)
Anderson, Nicole

Jasper, IN 47546
anderson.arts@insigh ...
http://andersonartso ...
Playing with fine Swarovski crystals, smooth sterling and quality lampwork brings me 'creative-satisfaction' like nothing else in the world. Then again, I do have a lust for paper and rubber stamps that keeps me from being 100% faithful to my jewelry line... I have narrowed my art appreciation to these things, but still seem to find myself dabbling with yarn and embroidery floss now and then, too!
Austin, Sandra

Angola, IN 46703
http://www.sticksand ...
I especially love to work with natural gemstones and vintage beads to create beautiful body adornments. I have also worked with African trade beads, pearls, shell, glass (French, Czech, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.), wood, bone, horn, clay, sterling, leather, and more. Sometimes I buy a pendant and right away I can visualize the beads to use and it just flows together. Designing and making jewelry is very relaxing and satisfying for me, I would rather play with my beads than do most anything else.
Bailey, Ronald

Indianapolis, IN 46256
http://www.BaileyGla ...
Glass is the medium of choice for my personal expression. Within the broad scope of ‘glass’ I have found a home in Kiln-formed Glass. Whether it is referred to as Fused Glass, Warm Glass or Kiln-formed Glass, the possibilities for expression seem to be limitless in this new approach to forming glass. The fact that Kiln-formed glass, as we know it, is so new and has been explored for less than a century is very exciting.
Baker, Gina

Star City, IN 46985
http://www,briarmoon ...
I strive to create the world my little muses show me on a regular basis. At times they over load me with ideas, and inspiration to the point I am afraid my head just might burst. Keeping up with their gentle urgings to create keeps me very preoccupied and busy. As I am not an extremely social person, (*large crowds bring out my shyness*) so their control of my time suits me fine. I draw examples from almost every thing around me, and I study ancient history, and its diverse art forms, to glean even more inspirational ideas for my work. The (more)

Bloomington, IN 47401
Baraka is a Musical Healing Kirtan group. Kirtans are ancient and mystical chants which purify the consciousness and connect one to the Divine through specific mantras, tones, and musical vibrations. Our message speaks of Unity, Compassion, and Peace.

Baraka heightens awareness beyond the physical, Opening the Chakras. Baraka is a youthful and ecstatic kirtan party.

Baraka, is an Ancient word meaning “Blessing”, “Essence of Life” , and “Soul Power”.

The Voyage CD is Baraka’s long awaited release inspired by (more)
Barker, Mitzi

Terre Haute, IN 47803
Barr, Sheila

Franklin, IN 46131
redpathstudio@gmail. ...
http://www.redpathst ...
I nurture emerging artists. I provide a gallery for not-ready-for-primetime artists to get their feet wet. I am a motivator. I offer a myriad of arts and crafts classes to persons age 3-99. Classes are at my studio and can be arranged to suit your needs.
Baskett, Teri

Jeffersonville, IN 47130
After years of creating jewelry pieces from beads, I have moved over to chainmaille weaving, creating jewelry pieces and more with interwoven metal rings in copper, silver, bronze and stainless.
Bates, Steven

Indianapolis, IN 46259
317-403-1376 ... ...
I can build stained glass windows, overlays and hanging panels from patterns either found in books, designed by myself, also I can recreate from photos and pictures. Please be my guest and view my portfolio!
Bayliss, Pryde

Nashville, IN 47448
My pottery is wheel thrown, mostly functional. I enjoy making teapots as I find them the most challenging aesthetically to make.
Berzins, Angela

Bloomington, IN 47404
I'm a high school art teacher, teaching stained glass and jewelry/metals. I work in copper foil, making mirrors, lanterns, window panels, and items for the home. If you'd like to see work done by myself or my students, myweb addies are:

I am also musician- I sing and compose music. (I'm better at singing than composing) I have a lot of performing experience singing with bands and small groups.

Bongiorno, Thomas

3890 E. Dora Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47408
While I have many creative interests, my current artistic experiments involve the use of local clay and ancient technologies to produce a working kiln/foundry. The goal is to achieve internal temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees, which should be suitable for melting most metals and firing most clays. In addition, I have been sampling local clays for sculpturing purposes, carving in wood and stone (current projects include a fireplace mantle from wood and a fountain from limestone), and the processing of natural pigments for paints and dyes. (more)
Bouley, Laura

Chandler, IN 47610
As far as my painting is concerned it is a constant process. Just as soon as I think I have solved a problem or found a direction to go I step back and see other ways I could have done something to garner the same or better effect. When it comes to my photography I am in love with texture, age, depth of field and unusual lighting. At the moment I am fascinated by the stone work on buildings in this area, abandoned buildings and iron work found around historic homes.
Bower, Sharon

Lawrenceburg, IN 47025
gloriousglass@hotmai ...
I am very interested in color and shape. Most of my work is designed extemporaneously, I experiment with color and shape to achieve an overall effect that is harmonious. My designs are usually floral or geometric, but I do occasionally work with human or animal forms.
Brahaum, Anne

Nashville, IN 47448
cessna1999@hotmail.c ...
http://annesglass@et ...
I love to use the beauty of stained glass to create everyday usable objects. My functional art can become the centerpiece of a room, such as a beautiful stained glass bowl on the table or glowing light box lantern in the corner, without requiring a sunny window to hang a glass panel. I have recently discovered that glass can also make stunning jewelry, and have enjoyed making "wearable art".

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