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44th Indiana CWHA

Fort Wayne, IN 46885-5401
fourthfourthindiana@ ...
http://fourtyfourthi ...
We recreate the Civil War time period. We educate children at schools and education days. We educate the public at festivals. We preform Military Battles for the public education.
Adams, Jason

Gibsonburg, IN 43431
banditt_adams@myway. ...
http://www.rogue-art ...
I try to use illustration to create emotion, tell stories or be visually appealing for a variety of medium and applications. I have been a freelance illustrator since 1999. I am internationally published and have won several awards. I also offer several teaching methods displaying art as was seen in several historic eras including American Civil War and 15th century European.
Albertson, Jeannette

Bedford, IN 47421
jalbertson6@insightb ...
I enjoy working with any claylike medium, glass, tile, beads and paint. I love the Arts and Crafts period and folkart and I'm sure it has influenced my art. I love to throw pottery and I love art with function. I love to do art that makes you feel, be it the portrait of a loved one or a much loved home or pet.
Alexander, Tashia

Indianapolis, IN 46220
tmaisblessedtoday@ya ...
I design graphics for small businesses, design jewelry / fashion - clothing and accessories along with Home decor ranging from floral arrangements, lighting fixtures to shelf-size sculptures. My true calling consists of original paintings / drawings working with, but not limited to: pastels, acrylics, pencil, water colors etc.
Allen, Julie

Nashville, IN 47448
julesallen7783@gmail ...
I make quality jewelry and do custom orders as well. I also enjoy crocheting, painting, and gardening.
Amick, Lorie

3708 Chancellor Way
West Lafayette, IN 47906
lorieamick@comcast.n ...
http://www.lorieamic ...
I am a full time painter, part time watercolor instructor, and a member of Artists' Own.
Amis, Michael

Kokomo, IN 46901
I combine glass with materials such as wood, rubber, fur, carpet, metal, sponge, roofing singles and practically anything else he can get his hands on, he creates abstract hybrid constructions and compositions that mimic the real world. These compositions are often combined to create environments in which the viewer can become immersed. “There is so much of the world around us that we routinely shut off or filter out. I think it’s a self defense mechanism to avoid overload or total confusion. We cannot be aware of everything all of the (more)
anderson, kimberly

501 w. franklin st
hartford city, IN 47348
http://milkweedceram ...
My early impressions of the cycles in nature, the layers of the land and what lies beneath it, are the most profound catalysts in my work. My sculptures reference archeological excavations, feminine roles, cycles of renewal and decay, and evolution verse mythic beliefs. I am exploring views and ideas that revel in life’s mysteries and stir thoughts of becoming and being. My thrown and altered vessels are inspired from Neolithic, Cycladic forms and Art Nouveau and Art Deco glazes. They represent the female as Goddess as the initiator of life (more)
Angerman, LeAnn

Lowell, IN 46356
TLAngerman@sbcglobal ...
http://www.gracephot ...
I am a photographer who enjoys creating fine art from a single image or from a compilation of several images. I work with professional digital camera equipment. You can visit my website at to learn more about my work. I shoot weddings on a limited basis and also enjoy photographing nature and wildlife in my spare time. I enjoy working with and learning with my peers in the ever-changing world of digital imaging. I credit all of my ability and resources to God who has blessed me with an opportunity to enjoy (more)
Arrieta, Maria del Pilar

Monroeville, IN 46773
mariaarrieta.borgo@g ...
http://www.bohemiaar ...
My paintings are done from sketched pencil, with portraits, real life people and still life objects. My paintings are an attempt to connect with the tradition. An unconscious impulse depicted in my paintings are influenced by my culture. My mediums are oils, acrylics and a variety of techniques as surreal, abstracts, still life. Other technique is batik art (wax), where I like to use the geometric patterns and colors as used in the Pre Columbian.
Artisans, Arc

900 W. Main Street
Lebanon, IN 46052
mclutter@thearcgbc.o ...
http://arcartisans.o ...
Professional teaching artists from VSA Indiana provide instruction and support to this group, helping to develop skills in creative expression, craftsmanship, and small business management. Arc Artisans work in groups and individually to create such items as paintings, pottery, scarves, and rugs that are available for sale at various events. Proceeds from the sale of artwork goes directly back into the Arc Artisans program.
Austin, Sandra

Angola, IN 46703
http://www.sticksand ...
I especially love to work with natural gemstones and vintage beads to create beautiful body adornments. I have also worked with African trade beads, pearls, shell, glass (French, Czech, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc.), wood, bone, horn, clay, sterling, leather, and more. Sometimes I buy a pendant and right away I can visualize the beads to use and it just flows together. Designing and making jewelry is very relaxing and satisfying for me, I would rather play with my beads than do most anything else.
Back, Dave

Sunman, IN 47041
http://midwestartcen ...
Dave's love of art began at an early age in his life his mother enjoyed drawing with him and as he grew older she taught me a lot about enjoying art. Another influence was his Junior High School Librarian (Mr. Taylor) as he taught David about art fungus drawing a lost art from the turn of the 19th century and David subsequently developed a style of drawing very similar to his based on this influence. David would paint or do pen and ink drawings off and on over the years but didn't really get into it until he got a little older. He draws (more)
Bahler, Gwyne

Lafayette, IN 47901-1606
gwyne@solderingtempt ...
http://www.soldering ...
I am an multi-media artist working in a variety of different styles and disciplines. My work ranges from creating custom murals for clients to making jewelry to fine art painting. I also refinish furniture and make numerous unique handmade items.
baker, audrey

evansville, IN 47711 ... ...
I like creating art that I find beautiful. It's a way for me to express my emotions and my view of things. I also like bringing joy and beauty to others through my drawings and paintings. Some are more meaningful than others, but I don't think that every single thing that I create has to have some deeper meaning behind it. There are times I make something just to prove to myself that I can. It's a way for me to be myself, and so my art reflects that, changing with me over time.
Baker, Gina

Star City, IN 46985
http://www,briarmoon ...
I strive to create the world my little muses show me on a regular basis. At times they over load me with ideas, and inspiration to the point I am afraid my head just might burst. Keeping up with their gentle urgings to create keeps me very preoccupied and busy. As I am not an extremely social person, (*large crowds bring out my shyness*) so their control of my time suits me fine. I draw examples from almost every thing around me, and I study ancient history, and its diverse art forms, to glean even more inspirational ideas for my work. The (more)
Baker, Jonathan

Fortville, IN 46040
johnnythewire68@yaho ...
The ideas that hold people's attention when trying to transform into more in life are desplayed in various states, and materials. The ideas that have no foundation but still provide a sense in feelings that can be desplayed threw the constant rythem of the universe. The task of mine is trying to web those patterns into many different elements to form a great mental image that can be seen by all walks of life to provide more inspiration for a higher human spiritual strengh.
Baker, Victoria

Odon, IN 47562
As a child I never questioned what I would be when I grew up. When asked, I would reply, “An artist of course!” I have been in love with art since I was a small child and have always been known by friends and family as the “artistic” one. I have always had a knack for figuring out how to take an idea and make it a reality. I can work in just about any medium. I tend to primarily work as a painter with acrylic and watercolor. I love the fast drying quality of these paints because I tend to work very quickly. I am open to just about any type (more)
baldock, connie

Greenwood, IN 46142
I have been participating in art and craft shows for over 20 years. I mainly do floral design plus a variety of other misc. crafts. My husband has recently started the hand carving after seeing a book on hobo and tramp carving. Our daughter is interested in a variety of crafts. Art is a family affair.

Bloomington, IN 47401
Baraka is a Musical Healing Kirtan group. Kirtans are ancient and mystical chants which purify the consciousness and connect one to the Divine through specific mantras, tones, and musical vibrations. Our message speaks of Unity, Compassion, and Peace.

Baraka heightens awareness beyond the physical, Opening the Chakras. Baraka is a youthful and ecstatic kirtan party.

Baraka, is an Ancient word meaning “Blessing”, “Essence of Life” , and “Soul Power”.

The Voyage CD is Baraka’s long awaited release inspired by (more)

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