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Albertson, Jeannette

Bedford, IN 47421
jalbertson6@insightb ...
I enjoy working with any claylike medium, glass, tile, beads and paint. I love the Arts and Crafts period and folkart and I'm sure it has influenced my art. I love to throw pottery and I love art with function. I love to do art that makes you feel, be it the portrait of a loved one or a much loved home or pet.
Alexander, Tashia

Indianapolis, IN 46220
tmaisblessedtoday@ya ...
I design graphics for small businesses, design jewelry / fashion - clothing and accessories along with Home decor ranging from floral arrangements, lighting fixtures to shelf-size sculptures. My true calling consists of original paintings / drawings working with, but not limited to: pastels, acrylics, pencil, water colors etc.
Anderson, Nicole

Jasper, IN 47546
anderson.arts@insigh ...
http://andersonartso ...
Playing with fine Swarovski crystals, smooth sterling and quality lampwork brings me 'creative-satisfaction' like nothing else in the world. Then again, I do have a lust for paper and rubber stamps that keeps me from being 100% faithful to my jewelry line... I have narrowed my art appreciation to these things, but still seem to find myself dabbling with yarn and embroidery floss now and then, too!
baker, audrey

evansville, IN 47711 ... ...
I like creating art that I find beautiful. It's a way for me to express my emotions and my view of things. I also like bringing joy and beauty to others through my drawings and paintings. Some are more meaningful than others, but I don't think that every single thing that I create has to have some deeper meaning behind it. There are times I make something just to prove to myself that I can. It's a way for me to be myself, and so my art reflects that, changing with me over time.
Baker, Victoria

Odon, IN 47562
As a child I never questioned what I would be when I grew up. When asked, I would reply, “An artist of course!” I have been in love with art since I was a small child and have always been known by friends and family as the “artistic” one. I have always had a knack for figuring out how to take an idea and make it a reality. I can work in just about any medium. I tend to primarily work as a painter with acrylic and watercolor. I love the fast drying quality of these paints because I tend to work very quickly. I am open to just about any type (more)

Bloomington, IN 47401
Baraka is a Musical Healing Kirtan group. Kirtans are ancient and mystical chants which purify the consciousness and connect one to the Divine through specific mantras, tones, and musical vibrations. Our message speaks of Unity, Compassion, and Peace.

Baraka heightens awareness beyond the physical, Opening the Chakras. Baraka is a youthful and ecstatic kirtan party.

Baraka, is an Ancient word meaning “Blessing”, “Essence of Life” , and “Soul Power”.

The Voyage CD is Baraka’s long awaited release inspired by (more)
Beatrice, Michelle

Saint John, IN 46373
meshell_nekole@seduc ...
http://www.recycleds ...
Natural plant and flower forms are a source of inspiration for my work. The exploration of color on metal became significant to my artwork when I became interested in enamel. Varying experimentation with translucent and opaque enamels on mesh and lightweight copper surfaces has led me to an exploration of nature in the form of metal and glass jewelry.
Bongiorno, Thomas

3890 E. Dora Rd.
Bloomington, IN 47408
While I have many creative interests, my current artistic experiments involve the use of local clay and ancient technologies to produce a working kiln/foundry. The goal is to achieve internal temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees, which should be suitable for melting most metals and firing most clays. In addition, I have been sampling local clays for sculpturing purposes, carving in wood and stone (current projects include a fireplace mantle from wood and a fountain from limestone), and the processing of natural pigments for paints and dyes. (more)
Bouley, Laura

Chandler, IN 47610
As far as my painting is concerned it is a constant process. Just as soon as I think I have solved a problem or found a direction to go I step back and see other ways I could have done something to garner the same or better effect. When it comes to my photography I am in love with texture, age, depth of field and unusual lighting. At the moment I am fascinated by the stone work on buildings in this area, abandoned buildings and iron work found around historic homes.
Brackney, Marilyn

Columbus, IN 47201
kidatart@kid-at-art. ...
http://www.kid-at-ar ...
My first memory of making art as a child was drawing on a foggy windowpane. Next came walls and woodwork, and then I discovered the wonderful end papers of hardback books. Finally, my parents realized that I was serious about my art, and they began providing real art materials. As I grew older, I wanted to record what I saw and produce works that looked realistic. Slowly, I came to understand that art is more than a pretty picture. This expresses how I feel about the purpose of art and the content of my work. Any subject is (more)
Brookie-White, Barbara

Crawfordsville, IN 47933
b.brookiewhite@mac.c ...
http://www.BBrookieW ...
I am a designer and creator of fine art objects. Nature, history, flowers, and fashion inspire me and challenge me to do the best work possible.
Burnell, Bradley

Indianapolis, IN 46202
brad@aestheticfabric ...
http://www.aesthetic ...
I have studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Art Institute of Indianapolis, and Art Institute Online, At each of these institutions of higher learning I was educated to think about why I create, what I create. I am a conceptual storyteller, in form of a sculptor, or a mixed media artist. Not only do I tell the story, but I tell the lesson I have learned at the end. I've kept my work out of the limelight until the perfect time, just as I was told. One has to look deep, and realize what I say, may be in code. Or I may just (more)
Canary, Jim

Bloomington, IN 47407
Christiansen, Julianna

Indianapolis, IN 46237
nowearelse@earthlink ...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ IT IS MY GOAL TO MAKE SOMEONE SMILE & FEEL GOOD FROM OWNING ONE OF MY CREATIONS! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ > > > > > INSPIRATION IS THE KEY !! < < < < < THE MATERIALS & OBJECTS I FIND ARE THE DRIVING FORCE OF WHAT I CREATE. . . . . . . . . . . . .COLORS, TEXTURES, NATURE, ANIMALS, PEOPLE, MUSIC & PLACES ARE SOME OF THE THINGS THAT INSPIRE MY WORK. . . . . . . . . . . . . ~~*~~*~~* Julianna has been creating things since childhood. Her mother taught her to sew, knit & crochet. From there, she followed her dream & studied (more)
Coleman, Patricia

Bloomington, IN 47408
quilterscomfort@gmai ...
http://www.hartrock. ...
I am a maker. I appreciate living in a place where I have the opportunity to explore the natural world intimately and to include it into my creative endeavors. I am constantly in a state of inspiration. In recent years I have been exploring tessellation origami for use as painting and drawing surfaces and for book covers. My knowledge base has increased considerably of how to do botanical dye with an eye toward non-toxic invasive species in the re-purposing of fabrics for clothing and quilting arts. Learning has sometimes been (more)
Combs, Daniel

MUNCIE, IN 47304
https://www.facebook ...
I'm a dedicated and driven self-taught Fine Artist. I believe our role is to create beauty out of the dark and bring light to the world. I primarily focus in Colored Pencil works, leaning toward 'the traditional' works to that of Surreal and Hyper Realism. I also do works in Oil and Acrylic Paints and Mixed Media, including Sculptural Relief Painting.
Cooper, Rachael

Columbus, IN 47201
cooperas@sbcglobal.n ...
http://www.thealways ...
I work mainly with oil paints, exploring raw colors in conjunction with found objects and organic imagery. I want to make my paintings tactile and immediately accessible to viewers with expressive textures, flowing movement, and simple subject matter.
Corey, Sarah

Fort Wayne, IN 46807
sarah.corey@hotmail. ...
I am a k-12 certified art educator who does art on the side.
Cote, Sarah

Indianapolis, IN 46240
It is not rare that I on occasion shall choose to go wait in a lobby just for the satisfaction of drawing all of the characters waiting still. I am a full time college student studying psychology, while passionately practicing art. All media pleases me for experimentation and I am quite creatively skilled. However I am best with pen and ink, ceramic, and watercolor. As far as performing arts I have experience both on stage and on the stage crew; when the curtain is called both are just as gratifying. I love art in all of its forms and am eager (more)
Creech, Betty

P.O. Box 659
North Vernon, IN 47265
812-346-5355 ...
http://www.cabinfolk ...
I scour the antiques markets looking for the fun and collectable St. Nicks and Santas, and try to adapt their looks and charm for my holiday creations, only not so fragile - and affordable. The mache items are all hand-molded, no two turn out alike, as the process takes several drying days. The candy containers are molded over cardboard cylinders. Some of my Santas are "doing" things - riding a bear, maybe a chicken, whatever....They make people happy!

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