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Avon Gold

Avon, IN 46123
Our group dances at high school football and basketball games
Ayers, Kathy

Portland, IN 47371
Ba, Cherif Abib

Indianapolis, IN 46228
kimberlyba@sbcglobal ...
http://home.earthlin ...
I am a reverse glass artist from Senegal, West Africa. My medium is oil paint on glass. Reverse glass painting is a traditional art form in West Africa. Through my art, I try to give people an idea of what life is like in Senegal. I paint traditional scenes like transport buses, koranic school and storytellers. I also paint abstract scenes and portraits.
Babb, Douglas

Indianapolis, IN 46260
I am a musician, performer, composer and educator with over 40 years of experience. My specialty area is music technology, including live performance, adaptive uses and public access to synthesizers, recording equipment and electronic musical instruments. I have performed my original, solo compositions nationally in over 1,000 venues. I am able to work with students of all ages and their families, and I have designed residencies lasting from one day to several months. I have recorded and produced 100's of songs written and performed by (more)
Bach Chorale Youth

, IN
Back, Dave

Sunman, IN 47041
http://midwestartcen ...
Dave's love of art began at an early age in his life his mother enjoyed drawing with him and as he grew older she taught me a lot about enjoying art. Another influence was his Junior High School Librarian (Mr. Taylor) as he taught David about art fungus drawing a lost art from the turn of the 19th century and David subsequently developed a style of drawing very similar to his based on this influence. David would paint or do pen and ink drawings off and on over the years but didn't really get into it until he got a little older. He draws (more)
Baehl, Doris

Fort Branch, IN 47648
Bagarty, umeshprasad

bhubaneswar, IN 75001
umeshprasad.gmi@gmai ...
http://goodmorningin ...
traditional odisi patta and tasar panting and carving
Bahler, Gwyne

Lafayette, IN 47901-1606
gwyne@solderingtempt ...
http://www.soldering ...
I am an multi-media artist working in a variety of different styles and disciplines. My work ranges from creating custom murals for clients to making jewelry to fine art painting. I also refinish furniture and make numerous unique handmade items.
Bailey, Ronald

Indianapolis, IN 46256
http://www.BaileyGla ...
Glass is the medium of choice for my personal expression. Within the broad scope of ‘glass’ I have found a home in Kiln-formed Glass. Whether it is referred to as Fused Glass, Warm Glass or Kiln-formed Glass, the possibilities for expression seem to be limitless in this new approach to forming glass. The fact that Kiln-formed glass, as we know it, is so new and has been explored for less than a century is very exciting.
Bailey, Terry

Muncie, IN 47304
terrywhittbailey@com ...
http://www.cornersto ...
I offer liturgical dance workshops, as well as choreograph liturgical dance and modern dance.
Bajuyo, Catalina

Hanover, IN 47243
I describe the misunderstood that flows throughout my mind words and natural fiber forms.
bajuyo, Leticia

hanover, IN 47243
http://www.leticiaba ...
With these questions in mind, I find visual and tactile inspiration in objects, materials, and activities that are ordinary, but have the potential to maintain a voice when combined or altered. In my sculptures and installations, I utilize recognizable experiences to question cycles of desire, consumption, desire,… developed in "the pursuit of happiness."
baker, audrey

evansville, IN 47711 ... ...
I like creating art that I find beautiful. It's a way for me to express my emotions and my view of things. I also like bringing joy and beauty to others through my drawings and paintings. Some are more meaningful than others, but I don't think that every single thing that I create has to have some deeper meaning behind it. There are times I make something just to prove to myself that I can. It's a way for me to be myself, and so my art reflects that, changing with me over time.
Baker, Debra

Bedford, IN 47421
I enjoy drawing and photographing people, especially children and trying to capture their joy at discovering everyday life.
Baker, Gina

Star City, IN 46985
http://www,briarmoon ...
I strive to create the world my little muses show me on a regular basis. At times they over load me with ideas, and inspiration to the point I am afraid my head just might burst. Keeping up with their gentle urgings to create keeps me very preoccupied and busy. As I am not an extremely social person, (*large crowds bring out my shyness*) so their control of my time suits me fine. I draw examples from almost every thing around me, and I study ancient history, and its diverse art forms, to glean even more inspirational ideas for my work. The (more)
Baker, Gloria

Evansville, IN 47711
www.experimentalarti ...
I teach watercolor classes at Ivy Tech Community College 2 times a year as a continuing education teacher
Baker, James

Mishawaka, IN 46544
my birth as an abstract painter was not that long ago, so my work is all over the place. as i experiment with each approach i discover a new little piece of myself, and what my art is evolving to be. i do find myself uncontrollably drawn to geometric shapes (mostly squares), and various textures, there is also a very layered essence to my work, and i enjoy using different surfaces to paint on.
Baker, Jay

Evansville, IN 47720
Jewelry design using lost wax method. Ceramics Wall designing using stencils, decorative and faux.
Baker, Jill

P.O. Box 184
822 Tavern Street
New Harmony, IN 47631-0184
812-781-9900 (fax)
In my collage-paintings, I produce surreal images which appear to be realistic landscapes. However, if you look at them they are impossible, such as a house made out of butterflies in the middle of a beautiful glade in a forest. I am currently working on figurative works, where the person is in a landscape which represents their situation, such as the Madonna walking through a field of flowers with the baby in her arms. All of the multiple images which surround her are collaged from photographs and also represent different times during her (more)

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