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Presley, Lisa
Photographer (View Portfolio)
5414 Calder Way
Apt. 411
Indianapolis, IN 46204
In 1987 I took my first photo and discovered that I had the eye, so they call it. I have been taking photos of all kinds since that day. I do a lot of traveling with my job and it allows me to capture some great photos. I have always looked at photography as a way for me to preserve my memories of some of the most beautiful places on earth. I enjoy showing the world how I see it through my eyes.
I had my first photo showing at Purdue North Central in Oct 1, 2004. I have been taking photos for about 22years and I am really learning a lot along the way. I have attended juried photo exhibits and walked out with the Judges Choice Award in Plymouth, Indiana and the Lubezick Center for the Arts were I was honored to have one of my photos on display. I now have over 1200 photos submitted to and for download. I am a member of: Americans for the Arts, Lubeznik Center for the Arts and The Nature Conservancy
Services Offered
  • Apprenticeship Opportunities/Will Teach or Mentor
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
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  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
I work out my home so I can be flexiable
This was taken in June of 2004. I used a Canon EOS Rebel with a 55mm lens.
I was driving home and seen this older man sitting in front of his shop/garage and asked if I could take his photo. I asked for him to act natural and forget about me being there, he did very well. I used a Canon EOS Rebel.
I took this July 2004 late afternoon around 7:45 PM and the sun was just going down so everything had a glow about it. I used a Canon EOS Rebel.
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