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Graan-Wilson, Stacy
Sculptor, Wildlife Artist, Graphic Artist (View Portfolio)
French Lick, IN 47432
I indulge in a variety of mediums including drawing, comic art, digital art, graphics, photography, painting and sculpture. My present focus is line art. Being somewhere between abstract and representational, minimalist yet not unemotional; encouraging the viewer to interact with the art in an imaginative way as their mind fills in what is not there or what could be there. Continuous line is a drawing technique wherein the pencil does not leave the paper during the drawing. One meandering line depicts the entire subject. I decided to explore the possibilities of using the continuous line technique in a three-dimensional arena, which is how I began creating my wire sculptures. Perhaps this idea was influenced by my interest in the metal armatures Ray Harryhausen and others constructed for stop motion animation in monster movies of the golden age. Most of my sculptures to date have been shaped from a single length of uncut wire wound about into its destined form. Being entirely handmade, (from American made steel) each sculpture has its own realization and individuality. My pieces are reflective of my intrinsic awe of Nature. Primarily animals of land, sea and air, plants, and bugs wend their way from my spools of wire, along with Native American designs and other compositions of natural inspiration.
Pieces accepted into the Jasper Community Arts Comission Art Show in 2006, 2008, 2009 I presented a Solo exhibit at the Southern Hills Counseling Center in Jasper, Indiana April 2008 through May 2008.
Services Offered
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If you are interested in my work please e-mail me with your inquiry.
Prices vary for each type of work. Check out a larger portfolio of my work at: Facebook / Snow Raven Studio
BISON: Reflective of Native American reverence for this majestic animal. Size is approximately 16"long 11 1/2" High and 6-7" wide. Contact me if you wish to commission one. There are slight variations from piece to piece insuring that each piece is unique but my attention to detail and aesthetic appearance insures a quality sculpture. Sculpture and image Copyright 2005 Stacy Graan-Wilson
CATTAILS and DRAGONFLY: This design is one of my favorites to make. It stands about 11" tall. This is what I call a "double element" sculpture, one being the cattails and leaves the other being the dragonfly. There is usually an accent such as a small aquatic shell. Sculpture and image Copyright 2006 Stacy Graan-Wilson
SPIRAL TURTLE or SEA TURTLE: The turtle is one of the oldest Native American symbols representing Mother Earth and a connection to and respect for all Life. The spiral is an ancient symbol commonly thought to represent the cycle of seasons and Life and a broadening of consciousness. These little creatures are about 4" long from nose to tail. They come in colors of green, blue, purple, copper, or the natural steel color. Sculpture and image Copyright 2004 Stacy Graan-Wilson
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