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Seghetti, Courtney
Indianapolis, IN 46230
After visiting family in Italy, I realized what a profound impact the region’s art had on me, and how awestruck I was by the ancient mosaics. The curiosity and amazement it captured in me was enough to foster a career change from biologist to mosaic artist. My interest in public art is specifically in translating a photographic imagery into a large-scale architectural element using an electronic imagery source to create a tile mosaic mural. For example, a one-inch tile could be seen as a real world analog to the electronic pixel and thousands of these tiles could come together to form a wall of photographic imagery. In the past Thirty years public America has witnessed a transformation for the promotion of commercial consumerism. Public areas such as sidewalks, neighborhood parks, or library’s, once in the past were visited without much imagery, but are now tied in to incorporate an areas theme and space. I have learned a lot about my art in a public setting, for instance the pedestrian/vehicular pattern, how durable a piece needs to be due to weather if outside, and how my piece impacts the city and its visitors which spark interest and conversation. I believe in creating pieces which are of a documentary feel. Thus, imbedding in those who visit it a sense of history and human experience to realize the past and future. This can be accomplished through photographs, people’s own words, or artifacts. Doing another public art piece excites me because when I create a mosaic, I feel it embraces my family’s heritage and transports me to a different time. By placing each mosaic tile in glue and by placing the entire piece, made up of smaller pieces, it gives me a sense of permanence and timelessness, which in turn reminds me of my immigrated family, a small segment, yet a permanent piece of America. I want my work to be found one day by someone who will feel the amazement and joy from my work that I once felt from the discovery of this ancient medium.
-Work represented in private and corporate collections and exhibited both nationally and internationally -Member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists -Completed projects ranging from large architectural pavings to small interior wall pieces -Selected as one out of over 300 to design a rendition of an Indy 500 car for the 2003 Indianapolis 500 festivals “Art in Motion” project -Became interested in mosiacs while visiting family in Italy and exploring the remains of fourth century mosaics -Works with interior designers, builders, kitchen corporations, architects, and other contractors to create pieces -Started up custom mosaic tile design company, Tuscan Mosaics Inc. ( -Teaches private mosaic classes and group classes through adult continuing education programs (IUPUI, Washington Twp., Lawrence Twp.) - Selected as one out of over 500 to design a rendition of a dolphin for the Dolphins by Design contest to be featured at the 2005 Indianapolis Zoobil
Services Offered
  • Doing demonstrations
  • Education presentations to schools, community organizations
  • Assisting in Planning Arts Events
  • Commission Works
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Teach Art Form
  • Other
    Public Art
anytime available

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