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Schwab, Justin
photographer (View Portfolio) Brazil, IN 47834
As a photographer, it is impossible to avoid reality, photographs always contain something that is real and tangible. I wanted to explore ways of bending reality and warping what we think is real. I want to capture simple movements and moments that we might see everyday, and simplify them down their contours and simple lines. When drawing with pencil in my sketchbooks I never want to stay to close to the details of actual objects. After I learned about painting in light I found that I can do the same with photographers. Keeping the images simple, can complete the picture even more than with detail.
I was interesting in art after my high school teacher encourage me greatly to do many pencil drawings. After high school i was much more interested in photography as a skill than an art form. But after taking several drawing classes and other art classes I become much more interested in representing what I thought could be art. After my high school art teachers and my own mothers death, I was determined to let my heart take other with my heart rather than thinking about it. I have only just starting my painting in light, but I plan to create my own gallery exhibition at Indiana State University for more artist to see a different way of creating art and using photography as a way of simple expression.
Services Offered
  • Exhibitions/Demonstrations
  • Offer Works for Sale
  • Speaking About My Work Before a Group
  • Other
    Other than my pieces of art i work on. I can be hired to take portraits, group photo's, building photo's, landscape, sports, etc. I am well versed in all those fields
  • Commission Works
  • Doing demonstrations
Please contact me directly for any services you wish for, my schedule is ever changing with my job. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and usually free days for me.
I will do demonstrations for $25.00 an hour. For hiring for photo jobs please contact me for details for I base my price per job, which keeps my rates low and fair.
"Sneak Attack" I do not prefer to have staged photo's. This was a picture I took when a cat dashed behind some bushes. I feel that the softness of the plants is great for the focus becomes completely on the cats eyes. Yet the cat seems to "sneak attack" the viewer anyway.
"Fishguard" This is an example of some of the group photo's I can do. This was done for a band and the lettering was added for a magazine that it was published in.
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