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Albright, Joseph

Fort Wayne, IN 46807
joe@AlbrightCreativeImage ...
www.albrightcreativeimage ...
Loose, organic and natural. I am mostly attracted to form and shape. I see patterns in life whether it is a nude body or a fallen tree. Sometimes new images come together to tell a story.
Baltes, Marla

Fort Wayne, IN 46802
I mix my photography, paintings, drawings and digital images together to create the majority of my work. My strongest images are from personal life and are often self portraits or involve people. Areas of creative interest for me are female figures, human frailty and religious images. I enjoy incorporating ideas from literature and personal experience.
Beebe, Elyse

Peru, IN 46970
I am an interdisciplinary designer from Indiana, the land of cornfields and pollen. My BFA was earned from Finlandia University ISAD in Hancock, Michigan. I had several works included in the annual Finlandia University Juried Student Art and Design Exhibition, receiving numerous awards in both Digital Art and Interdisciplinary Design categories. I went even further north to study at Kuopio Academy of Design in Finland and honed my skills in metal jewelry and high-speed photography. My experience there has helped prepare me to work in a (more)
Bradley, Dixie

Fort Wayne, IN 46804
260-459-2990 ...
I paint in oils and lean toward abstract expressionism in style with the feel of landscapes and/or gardens, and recently have begun making mixed media collages. I began my art adventure as a photographer and have done a form of photography I call "light paintings" -- these are cibachrome photograms which are entirely darkroom manipulation of sensitized paper. I also have been experimenting with digital photography and computer manipulation of images. In addition to visual arts, I have published works of fiction including short stories (more)
Brisco, Steve

Fort Wayne, IN 46845 ...
I like photography for what it is; an ever changing and evolving art form, and one that has literally moved out of the ‘Dark Room” in to the light of day. Even though I enjoyed working in the darkroom I now prefer the digital process, and have sold most of my darkroom equipment. The digital process now provides the same tools (in a different form) that were available in the traditional darkroom (dodging, burning, toning, etc.) without the smell and lethal chemicals (to the environment and the photographer); and no more stained fingers. (more)
Burns, Susan

Fort Wayne, IN 46804
I';m still new to the world of fiction, but I've made a living as a freelance writer for 20 years.
Campbell, Letitia

Avilla, IN 46710
christianchick125@yahoo.c ...
I'm currently experimenting with a variety of mediums.
Caudill, Sandra

Fort Wayne, IN 46818
I like to do whatever the day inspires me to do. I am primarily a designer. I enjoy painting, using mixed media, writing, making jewelry, and various crafts.
Compton, Matt

Fort Wayne, IN 56845
In my photography i like to explore everyday places that some may look at as an eye sore or a waste of space and show the inner most beauty of them. Most of my digital work is about distorting these spaces and tweaking the color to bring out the variety, pattern, and texture of the materials they are created from
Cook, Monique

PERU, IN 46970
I take candid shots of people trying to catch their emotions on camera. I take pictures of anything that catches my eye. I like to make some of my pictures black and white and sepia.
Corey, Sarah

Fort Wayne, IN 46807
I am a k-12 certified art educator who does art on the side.
Crawford, Christopher

Fort Wayne, IN 46819
chris@chriscrawfordphoto. ...
For more than a decade I have photographed forgotten places in Rural Indiana. Most of my work has been in Allen County, where I have lived all of my life, but I have made forays to Pulaski County and Louisville, KY for longer term projects as well as occassional places in other parts of Indiana.
Davis, Lawrence

Fort Wayne, IN 46815
My proudest achievement in my artistic career was when I designed & created two of the top ten Mastodons (out of 101.) for IPFW's Mastodons on Parade 2005. I'm also proud to have worked with numerous schools, churches & organizations by donating my artwork and time. I am currently without a full time job, but am freelancing.
Davis, Maria

Angola, IN 46703 ...
As a fine artist, I draw from life experiences as well as personal surroundings. I attempt to capture my emotional and spiritual connection with the world around me. As a graphic designer I try to create a design that is both pleasing and effective in communicating the client's message to the public.
Gagen, Daniel

100 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 11
Albion, IN 46701
Making art gives me peace of mind and is how I prefer to spend my time. My artwork is a representation of myself. I bring my perspective and personality into every piece. My works represents the thoughts and feelings I am having as I create. Growing up I watched old movies. My early work was in pencil and charcoal. I paint most portraits in black and white, reflecting the mood of those classic films I loved. Being steered toward realism at an early age gave me a foundation and desire to explore other mediums. I work extensively (more)
Ganser, Troy

4447 Lafayette Esplanade
Fort Wayne, IN 46806
260-456-6999 ...
I'm living the dream! Since I was in 2nd grade, my goal has been to be a professional artist. It has been realized for over 20 years. I consider myself to be a rare mixture of artist and business professional, which has opened many doors and provided many blessings for me and my company by extension. I can't say that I favor any particular media - that would be like choosing which dessert is best - it's all good! I'm a student of life and enjoy learning and growing constantly. I don't shy away from any creative opportunity, nor do I (more)
gryder, meagan

angola, IN 46703
I am finding my way back into the world of photography. My plight is out of passion for the medium and my children. I am working on opening my own business that will ential portraiture and some marketing. I am hoping that this will provide more opportunities to shoot fine art themes.
Heath, Holly

809 Charlotte Avenue
Fort Wayne , IN 46805
260-249-6867 (fax)
I graduated from IPFW in Fort wayne in 2003. I studied under Stephen Perfect and Rick Papazian. I took top honors at the VCD student show. Currently my work can be seen at Village Bookstores in Fort Wayne and Auburn, Artlink in Fort Wayne, and The Jonquil Gallery in Knox, Indiana. I have been Photographing the world for about 12 years and work from my home studio. I not only do Fine Art work (my passion) but also, Portraits, Weddings, and Commercial work. Lately, I have been dabbling in digital photography and am looking at purchasing (more)
Isaac, Matt

Fort Wayne, IN 46845
mattisaacphotography@gmai ...
www.mattisaacphotography. ...
I am by nature a creative creature. Since a young age I have never understood how to follow the rules, think inside the box or even color within the lines. Everything that I touch and use, every camera and technique I make my own. I create images that transport the viewer to another place and time, spark the imagination and warm the soul.
kennedy, shaun

1075 north lincoln
peru, IN 46970
As an artist I have tried many different forms of art from wood carving to acrillic painting. And pottery. I mostly work with wood or acrilic. I also enjoy to refubish wooden furniture such as tables, chairs ect.

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